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Why Auction?
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Why Auction?

The advantages of using the auction sales method:

We are convinced that the auction sales method is the very best way to sell real or personal property in settling estates, divorces, bankruptcies, partnerships and relocations.  The auction method of selling property will bring together a large number of interested buyers at one time, rather than over a period of several months or a year.  The auction process will force these buyers into a competitive bidding on the property within hours.  Using the auction method means that you can sell your real estate or personal property "as is" and you do not have to spend money to fix it up before selling, therefore making it the best method to turn your liquidable assets into cash quickly.


*Auctions are the quickest method.
*Auctions sell at the time desired.
*Auctions are the fairest method.
*Auctions may bring more than asking price.
*Auctions are the most convenient.
*Auctions are the most economical way.
*Auctions give all an equal chance.
*Risk is reduced to a minimum.
*Auction advertising is more effective.
*Auctions produce TRUE fair market value

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