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Things to do After the Funeral Service

1.  FILE INSURANCE POLICIES:  Armstrong Funeral Home, Inc. stands ready to assist with the filing of insurance claims.  A certified copy of the death certificate is needed for each insurance company.

2.  PROBATE WILL:  The probate process can be handled by any attorney or by the family.  A copy of the Will and a certified copy of the death certificate are needed.

3.  VETERANS CLAIMS:  Effective October 1, 1990, the Veterans Administration will no longer pays any death benefit toward the funeral expenses of an honorably discharged veteran.  In order for funeral expense benefit payment, the veteran must be active duty, retired military, disabled due to military service or have died in the VA hospital.  However, a flag and a grave marker are provided, if requested.  In order to file for a claim, the funeral home must have a copy of the military discharge (Form DD-214).  Need DD-214 to arrange Military Services thru the Funeral Home.

4.  NOTIFY SOCIAL SECURITY:  When the Certificate of Death is filed with the state, Social Security is notified of the death.  Social Security will pay a lump sum death benefit of $255.00 directly to the surviving spouse or dependent child.  However, the family must notify Social Security at 1-800-772-1213.

5.  LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES:  You, the family, will need to change car titles, deeds, stocks, bonds, personal loans, etc. or any legal matters in which the deceased was involved.  Certified copies of the Death Certificate are required for this.

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