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Why Web Sites?

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In the last few years, funeral directors, consumers, and suppliers have increasingly relied on internet technologies to conduct their business and improve their efficiency. Most funeral directors now employ the use of email in their business on a daily basis. Some have already made the investment in a web site for their funeral home and have begun to reap the benefits.

A web site will benefit your funeral home in three ways. A web site will:

Enhance service to existing customers

A web site will allow you to publish all your current obituaries, complete with full color photographs, online. Families will be able to receive electronic sympathy messages from those who cannot attend a service, and relatives can quickly acquire directions, send flowers, and confirm service schedules.

Save time

Instead of tediously providing the same directions to callers repeatedly throughout the day, your web site will allow you to direct inquirers to personalized point-to-point directions and an online map. Your customers will enjoy receiving this customized information and you'll have more time to do your job.

Improve customer acquisition

Your web site address should be published at the bottom of your newspaper obituaries, leading readers to your site for additional information, to send a sympathy message, and to acquire directions to your home. While at your site, they will see information about your funeral home and staff. Should they set foot in your home, they will be at ease, in contact with names and faces they are already familiar with. Additionally, while at your web site they may begin to think about their own prearrangement needs, review your prearrangement services, and schedule a future meeting.

In a nutshell, web sites help funeral homes provide better service to their existing customers, attract new business, and at the same time can reduce staff time spent on the phone by providing driving directions, maps, obituaries and services information on the Internet to the entire world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Every journey begins with that first step.  Call us today at 1-877-700-9143 and let us help you get started.  We will "walk you thru" the entire process of getting your web site up and running, step by step, and we handle all the "technical" stuff, so you never have to worry about it.  You simply cannot get a better deal!

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