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Why Sell Real Estate At Auction?
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When you have residential property or other real estate to sell, an auction allows the SELLER to be in complete control of the entire process
The seller retains the right to accept or reject any or all offers.
The seller does not need to disclose the amount they are willing to accept.  Auctions are upward negotiations.  At private sale, a price must be set and negotiations are always downward.
The seller knows the date the property will sell.  Most auctions are conducted within 30 days of contract signing.
All interested purchasers must prepare to pay the maximum amount they are able to pay.
An auction is the only way you can receive more than you were willing to accept.
No fees or commissions are charged if property is not sold.  (Owner-seller will be charged and pay only the cost of advertising.)
The seller sets the terms for the sale.  Auctions are the only way to sell property AS IS.  The sale is usually for cash.  The seller pays only the deed and title insurance, plus commission and minimum closing costs.
Each property is promoted individually.  Realtors regularly take prospective buyers and transfer them and their interest to other listings.
Your auction is the most important to you and to us as we receive nothing for our efforts if we are not successful.  We show your property to prospects at their time requested and as many times as needed to insure your auction's a success.
Mason's Auctioneering will write and place all advertising and signs as required and specified in the terms of your contract.  We never ask for more than 50% of the estimated cost for advertising prior to the auction.
We are regularly called to sell properties that have been exposed for long periods with no offers.  We desire and hope you will consider our services as a first resort and not the last.
We stand upon our years of past results and service to our clients.

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