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We specialize in building, hosting, managing and updating web sites for funeral homes.  Our parent company, Website Specialists USA, specializes in building, hosting, managing and updating web sites for small business owners in general, outside the funeral home field.
We offer funeral homes a web site package that includes a site of up to 25 pages in size for a flat rate of as little as $395 per year.  That's it.  No monthly billing, no hidden charges, and you do not need a credit card (of course if you do prefer using a card, we accept those as well).  The package includes the web site itself, free hosting, a free domain name, free e-mail, and free updating for the year.  WE do the work.  We also offer larger web sites for an additional fee.
You can visit some examples of our funeral home web sites by clicking the "Example Client Websites" link above.



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